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If you're facing problems with your FASTag, here are some common issues and possible solutions:

  1. Activation Issues:

    • Problem: Your FASTag might not be activated.
    • Solution: Contact the issuing bank's customer support to check the status and resolve any activation issues.
  2. Low Balance:

    • Problem: Insufficient balance in your FASTag account.
    • Solution: Recharge your FASTag account through the bank's website, mobile app, or at authorized recharge points.
  3. Incorrect Toll Deductions:

    • Problem: Erroneous toll deductions or charges.
    • Solution: Review your transaction history and contact the issuing bank if you notice any discrepancies. They can assist in resolving the issue.
  4. Damaged or Faulty FASTag:

    • Problem: Physical damage to the FASTag or technical faults.
    • Solution: Visit the issuing bank or service center to get a replacement FASTag. Ensure proper installation of the new tag.
  5. Non-Compatibility:

    • Problem: Your FASTag is not compatible with a particular toll booth.
    • Solution: Check for the FASTag logo on the toll booth. If the issue persists, contact the bank for assistance.
  6. Expired FASTag:

    • Problem: Your FASTag has expired.
    • Solution: Renew your FASTag before the expiration date through the bank's website or at their service center.
  7. Incorrect Vehicle Registration:

    • Problem: Vehicle registration details are incorrect or not updated.
    • Solution: Ensure that your FASTag is linked to the correct vehicle registration details. Update any changes through the bank's customer portal.
  8. Bank Account Issues:

    • Problem: Issues with the linked bank account.
    • Solution: Verify that the linked bank account has sufficient funds and is active. Contact your bank for assistance if needed.
  9. Technical Glitches:

    • Problem: Technical issues with toll booth equipment.
    • Solution: Report the issue to the toll booth authorities and contact your bank if necessary.
  10. Loss or Theft:

    • Problem: Loss or theft of your FASTag.
    • Solution: Report the loss to the issuing bank immediately and request a replacement.

If you're unable to resolve the issue on your own, always contact the customer support of the bank or issuer that provided your FASTag. They will have specific procedures in place to assist you with troubleshooting and resolving problems.

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