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Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction is a very common thought disorder that inflicts millions of males and females across the socio-economic spectrum.

The taboo to talk about sex and sexual disorders fuels its growth, and in certain many cases leads to emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

What is Pornography addiction?
It’s a Neuro-psychiatric condition, in which the brain gets conditioned to get pleasure by watching audio-visual adult material.
With time and constant exposure, a person seeks more and more of it to get the same pleasure.

Why is it dangerous?
From a Neuro-psychiatric basis, Pornography has the same effect on brain as addiction causing drugs like cocaine, alcohol and tobacco.

It triggers the pleasure center of the brain, with instant gratification. This leads to erroneous conditioning of the brain to get sexual pleasures through exposure to such audio-visual material.

Why is it harmful for an individual?

Pornography addiction like any other is extremely harmful for the emotional and psychological self of an individual.

1. It induces an obsessive compulsive thought disorder, whereby sexual gratification is only achieved by watching the sexually explicit material.

2. Once a person develops such a dependency on it for sexual pleasure, refusing to indulge into it, causes the brain to release huge amounts of neurochemicals that cause anxiety and even depression

3. The person also spends a lot of time and money searching for new content.

4. Slowly some people start mixing alcohol with pornography, which ignites a dangerous cocktail of violent sexual emotions and can trigger assaultive and abusive behavioral patterns.

5. Most pornographic material is extremely violent in nature. Showing a woman being suppressed to male needs. Horrendous and illegal acts like rape, child-sex, bondage and anal sex are glorified.
This creates an altered reality in mind of the consumer. Leading to curiosity for indulging in such acts.

6. Pornographic material is mostly staged acts done by professionals. Lack of knowledge of the same, prompt many individuals to seek un-natural medical ways to boost sexual performance up to 30-40min. This not only end ups damaging their sexual organs, but also affects their sexual needs.

7. Pornography can increase violence and aggression in males with low anger/irritation limit.

8. It also increases the reliance on fantasizing and masturbation as mode of sexual satisfaction. Which eventually can lead to masturbation addiction. This also increases the burden of emotional, physical and sexual stress on the unconscious mind.

Pornography addiction is present throughout the social strata. And surprisingly more so towards the middle class spectrum. The easy accessibility of such software on mobiles, laptops and DVD’s triggers and fuels this business.

Most pornography addicts require sexual therapy and Neuro-psychiatric treatment to help them fight out this thought disorder. Counseling and new-age safe non-addictive, non-sedative medications are both used depending on the severity of the case.



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