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Masturbation- myths and facts

Masturbation is defined in the dictionary as - "Excitation of one's own genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse."

Masturbation is the most widely used technique for sexual satisfaction worldwide. It’s estimated that 95 percent of males and 85 percent of females have used it and continually practice it.
The wide-spread indulgence into this form of pleasure has led to a strong taboo formation against it. Centuries old religious, social and political views have been distorted by personal thoughts of ill-educated people to create erroneous myths. These myths are further distorted as they cross from one generation to another.

10 of the most common myths that I have come across in my vast experience as a sexual medicine expert are as following:

Myth 1- Masturbation is bad.
Fact- The reason why society labels masturbation as bad is because it teaches you an extremely easy way to experiencing pleasure and fight anxiety. This fear factor was created as overindulgence can take your focus away from the struggles needed to succeed in life.
Medically- it’s a proven fact that the brain produces sexual hormones after the onset of puberty. As the storage of these hormones reaches a limit in the body, the mind automatically triggers a series of reactions for their utilization. This is manifested as masturbation, night-fall, or wet-dreams.

Myth 2- Masturbation is only for men not for women.
Fact- Since females attain sexual maturity earlier than males; such a myth was created from them not discovering the pleasures of sex at earlier age.
Medically- The Expression of Sexual hormones is governed by the same mind and body mechanisms in both men and women. Hence Masturbation is healthy technique irrespective of gender.

Myth 3- Masturbation is not sex. It’s only for frustrated people.
Fact- “mental rehearsal” or “visualization” is a technique used by the most successful sports persons, public speakers and businessmen to enhance performance in their respective trades. Sexually active people use masturbation in a sexually healing manner to enhance all aspects of their sexual self.
Example- imagine a person who has never played football. If he continuously visualizes himself as a great player, the day he actually gets on the field he will perform much better than a normal person.

Myth 4- The body has a limit of semen. If you keep masturbating you will finish it.
Fact- The testicles produce semen 24hrs from puberty till death of a normal human male. This will continue to happen until the reproductory organs are healthy.
The testicles produce semen at a slow rate. They can take up to 48hrs to produce enough semen for one satisfactory ejaculate. Hence over-indulgence in masturbation can lead to feeling of decrease in semen quantity.
Myth 5 –Masturbation decreases your growth. Semen has powder of bones.
Fact- Scientific mapping of the brain has proved that Growth is governed by the growth hormone. This hormone is governed by your genetics, the quality of food, exercise and sleep that you get. Masturbation is in no way associated with any factor of growth.
Hundreds of Tests on semen have proved it to be made of protein, sugar and mucus. Its yellowish color is provided by various secretions during its transit from testicles to penis. It doesn’t contain calcium in any quantity or quality. Henceforth it’s baseless to think it contains powder of bones
Myth 6 – Masturbation leads to acne, hair fall.
Fact- The fear created about the natural process called masturbation creates anxiety every time one indulges in it. This leads to the creation of a stress cycle. It’s this uncontrolled stress that leads to production of acne and hair fall.
Masturbation has to be accepted as a process needed to keep your sexual system healthy and active. If used in a sexually healing way, and performed guilt-free, it will never create stress. It will never lead to acne or hair fall. Sexually attractive people use it this way to boost their self-image and sexual appeal.
Myth 7- Masturbation leads to Decreased sexual performance.
Fact- Masturbation is a process meant to help the body in relieving sexual anxiety and creating a healthy sexual self for the time of intercourse.
If the mind and body are fed with taboo, myths and non-scientific information about masturbation they deviate from normal functioning. Instead of it healing properties, it’s used by the brain to generate sexual fear. Fear automatically decreases all senses of pleasure. The sexual basics of sensual touch, pleasurable fantasy and controllable long lasting performance are destroyed by fear.

Myth 8- Masturbation leads to psychological problems.
Fact- As explained above in myth 7, if masturbation is thought upon as a negative process it leads to generation of fear. This fear leads to mind, body and sexual effects. Recurrent and continuous thoughts about this fear, effects and masturbation lead to unstable psychological and emotional self.
Myth 9- Masturbation can harm the sexual organs.
Fact- if masturbation is practiced in a safe manner it will enhance to the development of sexual organs. Using external aids, excessive pressure can lead to injuries onto the sexual organs.

Myth 10- Masturbation leads to Sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS
Fact- STD (sexually transmitted diseases including HIV) as the name suggested can only be transmitted through contact with the body fluids of an infected person. Masturbation as per say can never lead to the same.
Medically- Masturbation with dirty hands, unhygienic conditions can leads to urinary tract infection.




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