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Question: I am addicted to masturbation, i can feel the physical symptoms, please help me control it.


Dr Mittal's Answer:

Masturbation leads to a sense of calmness. Many individuals use it as a calming exercise. Over a period of time, in those with high anxiety levels, it can results in obsessive compulsive behaviour.

A step wise method to stop masturbation:

  • Motivate yourself to stop
  • Once you have stopped, you will experience a higher amount of sexual thoughts compelling you to perform the action
  • To effective control masturbation, you have to control these intruding sexual thoughts
  • Meditation, Self-hypnosis, introduction of alternative thoughts and actions are some very important ways to controlling them
  • If you are not able to do so, you might need vitamins and medications to help your mind calm down. For the same consult a professional Neuro-psychiatrist

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