1. Use Mind-Mantra and the exercises contained in the relaxation module as tools for individual balance, optimal performance and growth.
2. Although this instrument and exercises are believed to be very safe and have potentially great benefit, it does not guarantee medical benefits or cures.
3. These programs and exercises are not to be used as, or used in lieu of, any course of medical or psychological treatment.
4. Memory, Sleep and Stress patterns differ widely from one person to another.“Right” or “wrong” patterns are to be evaluated, and diagnosed by a government approved medical professional.
5. Individuals with heart irregularities, history of recent brain injuries, paralysis, stroke, cerebro-vascular disorders, cardiac disorders,  adult or children who are unable to sit still, respiratory disorders, psychological and psychiatric disorders (diagnosed or undiagnosed)  may be unable to use the Mind-Mantra relaxation module successfully.
6. Individuals with heart irregularities, breathing difficulties, unable to sit still for more than 5min are suggested to consult your physician before using the Mind-Mantra relaxation module.
7. No known side-effects have been observed so far. In case of any discomfort, or uneasiness while using this product, immediately stop the usage of the Mind-Mantra relaxation module.