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What is dementia?
It’s a neuro-psychiatric disorder. It’s caused by the shrinkage of the brain.
It manifests through impairment in short and/or long term memory problems.

What are the symptoms?
An individual with dementia shows the following:

A) Impairment in short- and/or long-term memory

B) Also shows one or more of the following:
1. Impairment in abstract thinking
2. Impaired judgment
3. Difficulty in planning, organizing, sequencing and analyzing
4. Personality change- irritation, anger, disorganized, decreased self care, increase sexual needs, etc.
3. Memory problems and intellectual impairment caused significant social and occupational impairments

What is the Treatment?
1. Immediately consult a neuro-psychiatrist
2. MRI scans to assess the shrinkage of the brain are essential.
3. Behavioral and Emotional problems have to be tackled through medications.


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