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Why You Must Deal With Difficult People?

The Universal Rule is –  Left Unaddressed Your situation won’t get better, it usually gets worse.

1. When left unaddressed, you rely on hope and miracles to take place.

2. When left unaddressed, you waste too much time.

3. When left unaddressed, you give the other person enough time to become a bigger monster.

4. When left unaddressed, you increase the burden of anger, sadness and guilt in your head!

Most people I have met for Coffee Shop Counselling sessions in Mumbai where in an initial shock. How could this guy understand whats happening in my brain, just over a cup of coffee?
I don’t do rocket science or mind Reading.. I just showed them the points they have been avoiding.
I showed them that the solution isn’t difficult.

And thats the most important reason why you need to deal with a difficult person. It not only gives you a peace of mind and control over life.. But also makes you stronger.

Remember – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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How to Fight a Bad Boss?

One of the most common issues I deal in premium one-on-one coffee shop counselling is the Emotional Trauma due to a Bad Boss!
A Bad boss causes major dent to your psychological self, in severe cases leading to even suicidal thoughts.
Here are few techniques you can make use to Fight a Bad Boss?
1. Know their ‘Why’:- Most Bad Bosses have a reason to be evil. Understand them.
I once counselled a guy who was so stressed because of work, but never understood why? During the session we found out that it was his boss who would put unnecessary pressure. Reason – the boss was incompetent and wanted to make use of this guy’s mental abilities.
2. Work around their weaknesses. – Every Bad boss has a weakness. If you expose that weakness, you’ll make him alert. Instead learn to work around it.
3. Protect Your “Personal Brand” – Never let your boss’s bad behaviour be an excuse for your own. All too often, people lose interest or stop performing well because of a bad boss.
Not only does this cause resentment and depression but also destroys your “personal brand”.
Protect your personal brand, be super professional. Let your personal brand be used for scaling heights.
4. Adapt to their preferences – Every Boss is first a human being. I have counselled hundreds of the so-called “bad bosses”. They aren’t evil by nature, they have a lot of fears that their position doesn’t let them openly express. Employees who can understand this fears and adapt to them, can win over a bad boss.
5. Don’t be intimidated by a bully: Fight Back!
Some Bosses are intoxicated by their Power. They love to play politics and control others. They think they are much more intelligent then others.
I had a case, where a boss was sexually interested in a junior. He would harass her and make her work for long hours. She never understood his motives. The day she did, she put her resignation forward citing the reason for the same. It not only left her boss red faced, but also gave her a dignified exit.
6. Collaborate- You cannot handle everything. You aren’t superman. A bad boss can give you high blood pressure, stress that raises your sugar levels, high indulgence into addiction, excessive thinking that destroys the chemical system of the brain. You need help to fight that out. That help doesn’t come thru google. Consult me. I will help you out.
Dr.Hemant (Psychiatrist)

I feel so guilty I had the affair. I don’t even know why I did it. What was I thinking? What to do Now?

“I feel so guilty I had the affair. I don’t even know why I did it. What was I thinking? What to do now?

This is a very typical line from men and women who consult me after realising the guilt of having an affair.

The post-affair guilt can be destructive and I understand how difficult it can be to escape the same.

As a relationship counsellor I have worked with thousands of mena and women on both side of the spectrum. When guilt strikes one of the most common emotional turmoils is to fight the feeling dead inside, boredom, a feeling of neglect and communication breakdown.

So, what can you do to get over your guilt and move on with your life?

1. Forgive yourself. – You committed a mistake, you need to improve on it. By beating yourself everyday for the same, you’ll not gain anything. So stand up.. Promise yourself to take charge of your life.

Forgive yourself!

2. Acceptance –  If you ever go to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, you’ll find them all starting with the tagline “my name is xyz.. I’m an alcoholic”.

Acceptance is very powerful. It also reminds you that you can change. Accept your mistake, but no mistake it big enough to not be rectified.

3. Collaborate, find a neutral knowledgable 3rd person who can help you out.
This is a sign of strength and a sign of willingness to heal the pain called.
Those who don’t seek help, aren’t interested in healing the pain caused, because their trust level is at all time low!

4. There is always a Why? Solve it – Every relationship happens due to a reason. Something that was missing somewhere. Time to work on the Whys?

5. There is always a Reason?  Learn from it. – Many times relationships fail. Your partner can never giveup the thought that you cheated him/her. Its time to move on. You might remained married for sake of society, but the bond is broken forever.
There is always a reason for the same. Beyond all the sadness and anger, something is waiting for you!

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Dr.Hemant Mittal

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