How to Catch a Liar?

Everyone lies and many get caught. While white or small lies don’t cause any problem when caught.. To the liar the reaction is totally opposite when the lies are at a very big scale and meant to destroy personal, professional or relationships.
Many people have asked me for tips on how to identify a liar, and identify if the liar will repeat this behaviour again.
As an expert in human psychology and psychiatry I will tell you of the small things you can keep in mind. When caught, the brain of the liar goes in complete shut down mode. It looks for ways to save itself from the situation. In such a case, the following happen –
1. Sudden increase in stress chemicals and hormones in the blood.
2. Increased sweating, followed by feeling extremely hot.
3. Trembling of hands &/or legs
4. Difficulty breathing or feeling choked.
5. Very high heartbeat
6. Dizziness or feeling faint
7. a sensation of butterflies in the stomach
8. Blood Pressure shooting up dangerously
A liar on being caught feels very uncomfortable, and the normal defense reactions to the above are –
– further lying to protect the initial lie
– blaming and throwing guilt on others.
– getting excessively angry
– demeaning or sarcastic comments justifying their wrong
– Using the above symptoms to fake fainting, chest pain (fake heart attacks) and fake crying.
A pathological liar, is the one dangerous category of liars who has perfected the art of masking. All of the above don’t effect him. He is a master of bluff. Such an individual can be treated only through medicines.
A person lying due to anxiety or fear, will show very prominent symptoms from the above mentioned. He/she also needs a proper medicine treatment to stop lying.
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