The Stressed Daughter-in-law (TSD)?

I write a lot about those micro-segments of the society that are easily neglected and taken for granted. The issue with this segment, is that most people feel they “over-react” and their “depression” is easily curable by developing “positive thoughts”.
One of the categories of this segment is “the stressed daughter-in-law”.
Lets define what this means –
No lady wants to be stressed. And specially no woman who is getting married. She enter the marriage with loads of expectations. She expects her partner to fullfil these and doesn’t want to be a “home breaker” or a “son stealer”
But what happens when her expectations aren’t met?
What happens when she finds it difficult to adjust?
It gives rise to extreme amount of stress.
What does this high stress level do?
It brings about hormonal and chemical changes in her body. At a common level the easiest way to diagnose this is by looking at her photos. You will observe that she starts loose her beauty, her skin isn’t as good as before, hairfall comes along and there are changes in weight.
At a more indepth psychiatric level, the medical examination focuses on a check list of symptoms that arise due to the chemical and hormonal imbalance due to stress.
1. Overthinking – Excessive worry and tension about any issue at home.
Sometimes the overthinking pushes to over-analyse and develop unrealistic stories and thoughts.
2.High Restlessness to not be “in the line of fire” makes one commit more mistakes and want to run away from that place.
3.High mood swings with anger, crying and Irritability at its maximum.
4.Headaches and Muscle tensions/pains happen in an easily identifiable pattern.
5. Loss of Memory and Difficulty in concentrating
6. Stomach upset – Acidity and vomiting feeling being present.
7. A very frequent need to go to the bathroom.
8. High level of tiredness, to the extent of bad sexual performance.
9. Trouble falling or staying asleep
10. Constantly falling ill. With fever, rashes and acne being prominently seen.
11. Shaking at the mere mention of the mother-in-law, sister-in-law or any other family member.
12. Hating or Dislike for husband. Not understanding his ways of helping and looking at him as inept.
Presence of 7 or more of the above suggest that Stress has a physical impact. In other words, it has moved away from just being a “thought process” to being a “medical illness” that needs immediate cure.
Getting the cure or not is your choice?
Stress once activated, will slowly and microscopically destroy your brain making it vulnerable to future complications.
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