Avoiding Responsibility

Fear can make you do many negative things. One of the common negative behavior patterns is to avoid responsibility.

How does fear affect your mind?

  1. You avoid responsibility and action because of fear of criticism, disapproval, or rejection from people near you.
  2. You won’t do any activity until or unless you are certain it will be appreciated.
  3. Sharing your thoughts with someone is extremely difficult.
  4. You are always over-thinking on the possible negative outcomes of the situation.
  5. Feel that no one can help you and need to battle on your own.
  6. Loose confidence and feel inept, unappealing, or inferior.
  7. Start avoiding or making excuses for taking actions because the mind is full of multiple negative outcomes.


1. Understand and accept your mind is full of fear.
2. Once you accept fear, its easier to battle it. If you keep denying and finding reasons for it, you’ll never able to fight it.
3. Once accepted, start slowly slowly conditioning your mind to battle fear. – start by tackling the smaller situations and then move towards the bigger one. 4. You need to constantly remind yourself about the fear.
5. Positive affirmations for the self are excellent ways to bring change over a long period of time.
6. If you are constantly failing Seek proper guidance from a good counselor or psychiatrist.

written by –

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Motivational writer, Counselor and Psychiatrist)


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