How to convince others?

We live in a materialistic world. At any given time of the day we are consuming something. Be it a coffee at Starbucks or using the Internet, we are in constant need to consume.

Our success depends on our skills to convince others. The more prolific you become in the same, the closer to you get to success.

I was recently conducting a motivational talk for a group of 200 people aged between 25-40years.

While the main topic of the talk was how to handle depression without becoming an addict to psychiatric medicines, the post-talk discussion a slight detour and landed on tips on how to convince others.

1. The first step is that you understand the universal truth-  you are a walking, talking and moving source of extra-ordinary amount of energy.
If you are ready to harness this energy, the world is waiting.

2. Energy needs to be channelized. An unchannelized  energy source just burns itself.

3. The most important step is too direct all your focus onto self.

4. When you are able to control your focus, you now know exactly what you want from the other person.

5. If you approach a conversation without knowing what you want, you have already lost it.

6. Once you know what you want, its time to calm yourself. Remember 90% conversations are won by a calm mind, an agitated mind just creates more confusion.

7. Calm your mind – by taking deep breaths and concentrating in getting what you want.

8. Present your points with lot of positivity. Create a story around them.

9. Check the reaction of the other person.

10. Be firm at your belief and wants.

11. If you fail to convince the first time, keep patience.

12. Every successful man has thought of quitting at least for once. So don’t quit, try again.

Everytime you try, try in a new way.

Success awaits you!!

Dr.Hemant Mittal (motivational speaker, writer and social influencer)
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