parenting tips 5 things to avoid

Parenting Tips – 5 things to avoid.!!

Parenting is one of the most divine gifts. Its full of unconditional love, care and learning.
I believe Nobody is born a parent, you learn how to improve every single day.
While counseling many parents, I find that they fail to shield the child from their own negatives. Here are 5 things that one should avoid –

“My son hates everyone in the family. Doesn’t matter how much we ask him not to do so. As a child I used to share all my emotional pain with him”

1. A psychological weapon. –  When a parent feeds his child mind with their own anger, resentment and hatred against other parent or family member.
At that time The parent might feel happy or even encourage the child to misbehave with the other parent or family members.
On a long run the child loses the power to trust others and is emotionally/behaviorally unstable.
“My daughter beats up her dolls every day. Also her school teacher complaints of extreme shyness.
I am myself depressed and stressed. Sometimes I take my irritation and anger out on my children.

2. The Punching Bag – Taking your anger out on a child is a sign of mental weakness. He/she might grow into a very anxious or scared child. He/she might be violent to others, to animals or to toys.
“My son has become over-demanding. His tantrums are so high, that we have to buy him the most expensive of gifts. He doesn’t care for them.”

3. Over-compensation – When you use a “corrective measure” to rectify your childs behavior, you are hit by restlessness. You are confused and guilty.
Many people try to rectify it by “materialistic exchanges”.
The child’s brain is very intelligent, he/she understands that by triggering your anger you will get anger and then compensate them with what they want.
“My daughter is very scared. She is always in one corner, lost in her own world.”



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