Anger – Same Person or Group

if a person repeatedly tends to his/her anger out on the same person or same group of people.. It will soon becomes a habit.
The mind finds happiness in this act. Slowly the happiness becomes an addiction.
To satisfy this addiction, the mind keeps creating new rules, new standards of perfection, and new way to create or find faults.
Any small fault gives it an excellent excuse to vent out the anger.
This is a common example of wrong mental conditioning.
Like any other addiction, The anger slowly increases with time. This can result in physical, psychological and social damage.

How to correct this wrong behavioural pattern –
1. The main reason for happiness is wrong way of Ego satisfaction.
2. Its a bad mental habit, and requires change.
3. The Person needs to realize he/she is doing wrong.
4. If he/she doesn’t realize it, then someone who they “listen to” has to make them understand this is wrong.
Two main ways of treatment –
1. Self-Help or Counseling is effective only when the person Develops an eagerness to change. Without it, its impossible to bring any change.
If a person shows eagerness to change then focus should be on –
a. Awareness of anger pattern.
b. developing and using various coping mechanisms during episodes of anger.

2. Medicines – A person who is unwilling to change has too take medicines. Medicines regulate the brain chemical and blood circulation. This eventually decreases the anger and creates acceptance for counseling.

by –
Dr.Hemant Mittal (Psychiatrist and Motivational Influencer)
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