10 common sexual problems indian couples face

Sex is an essential factor in the definition of happiness.

While most people shy away from talking about it, nobody can deny its importance.

10 common problems Indian couples face –

1. upto 50% men and women think about sex on a daily basis. – The inability to express these thoughts leads to frustration, anger and decreased concentration.

2. Average Married Indian couple has sex about 70-90 times a year.

At least1/3 of these encounters are a complete disaster with either one or both partners not being satisfied.

3. Majority women think of sexual activity as exercise to prove they are loved or keep husband “glued” to them.

They take it as a “signal”, that till he is demanding sex, he won’t leave them.

This makes them sacrifice on their own sexual happiness (as the act might happen in time or mood when they are not interested) leading to subconcious irritation, anger and sadness.

4. Many women fake an orgasm, just to keep their husband ego happy.
Not achieving an orgasm leads to the following.

5. Lack of sexual satisfaction makes a woman feel unwanted, hopeless, restless and sad. Its one of the common reasons for triggering medical levels of depression.
This is also one of the prime reasons for woman looking to have extra-marital relationships.

6. 80% of Men doubt their sexual capacity at least once in life. Most of them are not happy with their sexual performance, but scared to talk about the same to a professional.

They seek advice from friends, family or wife which might further increases their restlessness. Use of self-medication and products to enhance performance cause further health problems.

7. Upto 50% people in a relationship, feel they don’t have enough of satisfying sex.
Main reason – Lack of proper emotional connect and communication. L.

8. When men use sex as a way to show their “male” supremacy over their female partner. It can soon transform into domestic violence, sexual abuse and/or uncontrolable anger.

9. Mutual respect (emotionally and physically) plays a vital role in a satisfying sex life. 82% of sexually satisfied say they feel respected and loved by their partner during sex.

10. A great majority Indian couples only focus on the sexual intercourse phase of sex. Thats why they complain of the need for more love and romance in their life.

– Dr.Hemant Mittal (Motivational Writer and Social Influencer)

contact – eksoch@gmail.com

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