What to do When your Honesty is surrounded by others Dishonesty?

The great majority of people are honest by nature. The conflict starts when their honesty has to battle the dishonesty of others.

Here are 5 pointers for every honest person to understand –
1. Selfishness trap – Dishonest people will never think about your happiness. Stop living in false hope. The more time you take to understand their degree of selfishness, the more you’ll suffer.

2. Deaf to honesty – Its doesn’t matter how much you “counsel” them about what is right or wrong. They will only follow the path which gives them happiness.
It doesn’t matter to them, how bad that path hurts you!!

3. Power of words – Dishonest person use words to the best of their benefit. They can easily create stories that make others feel sympathetic for them or angry against you. They mostly use this when you are not around.
The way to battle these falsies is by openly speaking and clarifying the truth with others, specially in front of them.

4. Smoke screen – Dishonest people try and create a “smoke screen” around your mind.This smoke screen is made up of fear, their own interpretation of social laws, anger and abuses.
The main purpose is to make you do whatever they feel is right.

5. Create Mental weakness – As a psychiatrist Most Honest people I have met are sensitive and kind hearted. A Dishonest person uses all of the above and other psychological ways to introduce a mental weakness inside of you.
Fear, sadness, anger and guilt create a deadly trap that prevents you from taking right steps towards happiness.
You might not be able to fight this mental weakness alone, so seek help.

Dishonest people run away from a strong minded honest person!!

written by –
Dr.Hemant Mittal (Motivational Writer, Psychiatrist and Social Influencer)


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